Top 10 Best Backstories in the Pokemon World

March 2, 2017

The Pokemon franchise has been around for age,s appealing to many people of different age groups. In the year 2000, the Pokemon games captured the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts. It’s quite amazing how this game survived the test of time and still as popular in today’s generation. In addition, the characters of the game have their unique backstories. In fact, Youtuber Dobbs made a really cool list of some of the best Pokemon backstories ever to exist. He had a list of the 10 best Pokemon backstories that he thinks are awesome. Let’s check out the list:

1. Pokemon Type: Null

Dobbs started with the Pokemon Type: Null. It was supposedly a man-made Pokemon designed after the legendary Pokemon god Arceus. Unfortunately, the project failed, and the result was the Pokemon Type: Null which was a strong, unstable Pokemon.


Red Gyarados

2. Red Gyarados

We’re all familiar with the Red Gyarados from the Pokemon Crystal game. The Red Gyarados was first seen in the Lake of Rage somewhere north of Mahogany Town. The Red Gyarados was first introduced as the result of radio waves forcing the Pokemon to evolve. In fact, Dobbs also theorized that all shiny Pokemon (yes, you can find a lot of shiny Pokemon in Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions if you’re lucky) are a result of the radio waves emitted by the Team Rocket Executives.

3. Porygon Z

Porygon Z is known as the evolution of Porygon and Porygon 2 which is a creation of the famous Silph Co. Silph Co. first created Porygon to fix the computer bugs. Eventually, a new company took over the Porygon 2 project and tried to upgrade him, which later resulted in the creation of Porygon Z. However, Porygon Z didn’t come out looking as expected. With this, Dobbs theorized that the program to create Porygon Z wasn’t compatible with Porygon.


4. The Poliwag of Red

If you’ve read the Pokemon manga, you will notice that the characters are a little different as compared to the Pokemon series. For example, the main protagonist is named Red, and his starter is a Bulbasaur instead of a Pikachu. One of the most striking things about Red is his Poliwag that happens to have a really cool backstory. Before Red became a trainer, he was in a drowning accident, and a lone Poliwag tried to save him. Poliwag knew he had to evolve to save Red, and so he did. After that, the new Poliwhirl became a part of Red’s life ever since.

5. The Origin of Ditto

There have been a lot of rumors that Ditto was actually a failed clone version of Mew because Pokemon history shows that Mew is the origin of all Pokemon. Also, notice that one of Mew’s first moves is transformed– the exact move that Ditto has. According to Dobbs, the Ditto that was thrown away turned into Grimer and Koffing.

6. The Origin of Spiritomb

Spiritomb is another mysterious Pokemon that has some kind of weird origin. According to the video of Dobbs, Spiritomb came from a bunch of evil spirits that were cast into a tomb by a bunch of monks.

The Talking Meowth

7. The Talking Meowth

We’ve always been wondering about how Jessie and James ended up with a talking Meowth. For the longest time, we probably thought that Meowth was an artificially created Pokemon. Actually, we saw in the series that Meowth actually learned to talk because he wanted to impress a female Meowth. Meowth was still rejected though and ended up with the bad guys.

8. The Origin of Deoxys

Remember the alien Pokemon that can change shape? Deoxys always had a weird origin, something similar to Superman. Apparently, it was Team Rocket that shot a laser beam to a cosmic entity which turned into Deoxys.

9. Ash’s Charizard

Ash’s Charizard has always been a mysterious little thing. He was first saved by Ash from an annoyingly bad trainer named Damien. Eventually, Ash took the Charmander under his care. The young Charmander eventually evolved to a Charizard. Charizard kind of lost his respect for Ash along the way but regained it once again. The whole story of Ash and Charizard was a really dramatic one and a heart wrenching one to boot.


10. The Story of Mimikyu

Mimikyu is one of the new Pokemon that is a combination of Ghost and Fairy types. The most interesting thing about Mimikyu is its history. Being a strange looking Pokemon, he wanted to fit in. Eventually, he took on a veil in the shape of a Pikachu to just fit in.

Other Interesting Backstories

Those are some of the coolest backstories in Pokemon according to Dobbs. Aside from the backstories of Dobbs, there are others that we find awesome as well.


The Unown Pokemon are some of the most mysterious Pokemon in the Pokemon world. In the Pokemon games, the Unown are the Pokemon that can be found in the Ruins of Alph. We don’t really know the history behind the Unown, but they sure are mysterious. We do know though that they are somehow related to the Three Legendary Beasts– Raikou, Suicune, and Entei.

Ho-oh and Lugia

Ho-oh and Lugia

The most awesome thing about Ho-oh and Lugia is the history between the two, and the connection they have to the three legendary beasts. To give you an idea, the story starts with the two towers of Ecruteak. In the past, Lugia perched on the top of one while Ho-oh perched on top of the other. Suddenly, a lightning bolt hit the tower where Lugia was perched on and Lugia flew away. Lugia eventually hid in the Whirl Islands, and Ho-oh was left in the other tower which was named Tin Tower. From there, Ho-oh created the three legendary beasts. What makes this legendary is that it’s the first legend that had such an awesome backstory. As compared to the three legendary birds, the legend of Ecruteak is something unforgettable.


Last, but not the least, is my personal favorite– the backstory of Mewtwo. In the movie, we see Mewtwo as a creation of Giovanni who went haywire and tried to clone Pokemon. Mewtwo’s backstory was a really emotional one because Mewtwo discovered that he is actually a clone of Mew. That’s what sparked his anger to tried to take over the world. In the manga, though, the story is a little bit different and cooler. In the Pocket Monsters manga, Mewtwo does start out as an enemy because he was pissed at the world. Eventually, he became a formidable ally who helped Red fight off team Rocket and even Deoxys when Deoxys tried to invade the earth. I’d say the character development of Mewtwo in the manga is second to none!

These are some of the best Pokemon backstories to have hit the silver screen and book pages. Pokemon, being Pokemon, will most likely never die out and will always be a classic. This is why backstories are so awesome because they show the history of a timeless creation like Pokemon. With more Pokemon to come, we’ll probably be seeing a whole new range of historical backstories and more!

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