The Big Bang Theory: Please Die Already!

March 2, 2017

There are plenty of TV shows on that are ultimately harmless trash.  They don’t contribute to society or art in any meaningful way, and can be ingested as junk-food entertainment.  The CSI family of shows, and all reality TV easily fit into this category of television.  There are of course exceptional shows that do all the positive things listed before and more, but that’s not what’s important right now.  What is important is singling out a TV show that does harm to the image of a group of people and takes away from better shows.  One such hazard is the CBS monstrosity The Big Bang Theory.

Somehow, and I do mean “somehow,” the BBT remains a hit with high ratings for new shows as well as its syndication. to break it down, the show which supposedly is about educated “geeks and nerds” does 3 things that really should cause it to go away forever.


1. It’s not funny (Seriously, it isn’t) – The show isn’t devoid of good actors, but they are given nothing to work with at all. The show tries to pass off making obscure references to “geeky” things as a joke, instead of, you know, actually writing a joke.  Corny situations, “relationship humor,” and laughing at the socially inept are mostly the situations writers for the BBT come up with to make viewers laugh.  You are never encouraged to laugh with these characters, just at them, which leads to the next point…


2. It sets back the image of educated people back to the 1980s – “Ha Ha!  Look at these NERDS! they like comics and science and are socially awkward!  Isn’t it funny that they’re NERDS trying to be like real people!?” This is one of the biggest problems with the BBT.  This archaic, corrosive, and embarrassing depiction of “smart” people.  You could drop any one of these characters into Revenge of the Nerds and they would fit right in.  That’s a problem.  That view of intelligent people being these inhuman robots that only know science and pop culture, but not human interaction is so old, backwards, and stupid, that it plays into anti-intellectual culture.  It also seems to suggest that an interest in science makes you a freak that should be laughed at and ridiculed.

3. It takes away from legitimately good shows – Thankfully Netflix has arrived to rescue great shows that get canceled, but otherwise, the BBT would be responsible for cutting out viewership for far-far better shows than it.  This ugly little husk of a show has maintained a level of popularity that is unseemly and truly baffling.  That a show this insulting and without a funny bone has lasted for TEN years. This idiotic series without purpose can die any time now, but that’s only if people stop watching it.  But why haven’t they?

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