Strategies for Pokemon Duel: Best Sprinter, Battler, and Defense Pokemon

March 12, 2017

Pokemon Go isn’t the only Pokemon game hitting the smartphone world as Pokemon Duel is also taking a share of the spotlight. What makes Pokemon Duel very interesting is that it is very challenging and also innovative. For those who haven’t heard of this game, it is somewhat of a board game slash Pokemon card game that allows players to challenge other players to tactical duels. Just like in the Gameboy games, you’ll have a roster of 6 Pokemon that you can use to fight against other trainers with a roster of 6.


Now that you know what the overview of the game, let’s take a look at some tips for beginners. One thing to remember with this game is that there are three roles of Pokemon that you can choose. These three roles are the sprinter, battler, and the defense. In a nutshell, the sprinter moves across the board, the battlers fight, and the defense defends the post. The strategy here is to make sure that you choose the right Pokemon for each post. Once you get the hang of it, then you’ll be able to fight like a champ. Here are a few Pokemon that fit each of the three roles.



First up, we’ve got the Pokeball looking Pokemon Voltorb. By playing Pokemon Gameboy games and Pokemon Stadium (if you’ve already played them!), then you’d most likely know that Voltorb and Electrode are the fastest Pokemon in the original lineup. That kind of speed makes him perfect for dashing across boards. Another interesting thing about Voltorb would be his Explosion attack. If you need to get rid of Defenders right away, send a Voltorb at them and blow them up.



Pikachu is not only the most popular and the mascot of the Pokemon franchise but also a very competitive battler. In this game, Pikachu is actually a very rare Pokemon with two awesome attacks– Quick Attack and Thundershock which can cause heavy damage to the opponent.



In the defense role, there’s always Grotle. Grotle has a solid Protect attack and only has 12 percent miss protection chance as well. These two attacks are what would make Grotle a really awesome defense Pokemon.

Other Tips

Other than those three things, a few more other things to take note of would be the type difference. Unlike in Pokemon Gameboy games or other games, type difference is not relevant here. Also, the color of the moves plays a vital importance. For example, blue moves defeat purple and white moves. White moves would beat other white moves that have less damage. Lastly, the gold moves are special moves that beat the purple ones but would lose against the blue moves.

Those are some of the cool and useful tips that can be used when you play Pokemon Duel. This game is all about strategy and also a bit of luck. With this, you can become a Pokemon Duel champion! Time to go around and look for players to challenge.



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