Deadpool: the ridiculously overrated anti-hero

March 12, 2017

Some characters take on a life of their own, and in one’s case, many wish this particular character had not.  Deadpool, the annoying orange or talkative meme of the Marvel Universe, is black hole of creativity, humor, and intelligence.  What started as a poorly drawn rip-off of Deathstroke from DC comics has turned into the character self-identifying internet trolls everywhere have accepted as one of their own. Ever met someone who was painfully unfunny and yet felt the need to constantly try to make everyone laugh?  That’s Deadpool: an unkillable asshat that wields guns and swords with a wit as deft as a boulder.


Deadpool isn’t the worst character in comics, because he’s not even a character! He’s a meme.  Deadpool is just the whiny and smug mouthpiece for writers that want to shoe their disdain for readers and the comics’ medium as a whole. Not to mention, his constant 4th wall breaks destroy any immersion the reader has in the story. When a character much constant remind you that this is just a stupid comic book (more on this later), it removes any possible stakes that can be had.  He’s not a character living in a world, he is a cynical screeching director’s commentary on a movie that you can’t turn off. 

There are characters that are self aware that are actually characters. She-Hulk, for example.  The reason she retains her character and stakes is because she doesn’t constantly remind you to check out of the story and not to care.

Deadpool does love to point out how stupid he thinks comics are, or at least his writers think it is.  The character is used to spew mean spirited comments about comic tropes, characters, and stories, to a degree that it makes me wonder why the writers would even want to write a comic.  He’s not spewing charming and satirical riffs on the comics from a place of affection or respect.  It’s a constant, “(nonsequitor joke) (look how stupid that thing is) (nonsequitor joke).” Deadpool’s humor reeks of the same disdain for geek culture as The Big Bang Theory. “He said Chimichangas!! Hahahaha!”….. Is that even a joke?

But Deadpool isn’t content to just ruin the comics and movies he happens to be in.  At comic conventions, its a safe bet that some a-hole will put on that mask and allow themselves to treat everyone like the butt of their own hilarious inside-joke.  The character is the analogue of the smug side of fandom that thinks their above the very thing they are a part of.

The fandom and popularity of the character is completely understandable, though.  Who wouldn’t want to be an immortal POS that can say whatever they want and kill whoever they want because he’s the Anti-Hero?  I wish that Marvel would drop the character and divert energy and attention to a character worth interest and affection, but selling his memorabilia makes tons of money.  Looks like we’re condemned to have this living breathing meme until people stop enabling jerks.


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