6 Most Badass Dark Pokemon

March 12, 2017
Ever since they came out in the second generation of the Pokemon games, Dark Pokemon became the next popular type beside the Psychics. In fact, the Dark Pokemon are quite strong against the Psychics. With the number of Pokemon generations increasing, so are the number of these badass yet cool Dark ones. We’ve collected 6 of the most awesome Dark Pokemon so far.


Claiming the first spot, we’ve got the big bad Tyranitar. Tyranitar is the big bad dinosaur type Pokemon which happens to be half dark and half ground type. What makes Tyranitar really cool is his attack power which allows him to destroy anything in his way. He can also learn attacks that can help him take down his weakness Pokemon types like Grass and even Water. How? Well, he has the ability to learn Thunderpunch and Ice Punch. He can take down a grass type and a water type with these abilities. He’s also immune to psychic type and can also destroy the ghost types using his dark power.


Absol is yet another cool dark Pokemon introduced in the third generation. He’s a mystical Pokemon that controls disaster in the world and has an overall cool backstory. It also has a really high attack.


One of the best dark Pokemon of all time is Umbreon. This Pokemon is one of the strongest ever since the second generation. A faint attack, sand attack, and moonlight combo is a slow and deadly combo that can KO any Pokemon. Moreover, don’t forget a big faint attack. This attack can destroy powerful psychics and ghosts. Umbreon also has a very high defense which gives him an edge during the battle.


Darkrai is another cool-looking dark Pokemon that has awesome speed and attack– one of the best combos in the stats book. He’s a horror kind of Pokemon that not only is powerful but looks really intimidating as well. With awesome speed, he can attack first. With his awesome attack power, he can crush his opponent right away.


If you want a badass dark Pokemon that can resist almost all types, we’ve got Hydreigon which is half dragon as well. When it comes to attacks and crushing power, this Pokemon is a beast! He can take down a roster of Pokemon with one of his powerful attacks. He can also stay immune from psychic, grass, water, thunder, fire, and ghost attacks. He should just stay away from the ice or fairy Pokemon.


One of the most badass and coolest Dark Pokemon is the classic Houndoom which is modeled after a Hell Hound. Just like his origin, he is a dark and a fire Pokemon that has a whole range of awesome attacks. These attacks can pack a punch. Flamethrower, for instance, is an awesome standard fire attack that can destroy steel, grass, bug, or ice Pokemon. There’s also the dark aspect of Houndoom which can destroy ghost and psychic types. Houndoom is known for his mighty Crunch attack which happens to be one of the strongest Dark attacks in the Pokemon universe. Most Pokemon won’t be able to survive a devastating attack like that from a strong Houndoom. Also, he looks really cool in his Mega form (check out the picture below).


And there you have it– the six of the most badass Dark Pokemon that have appeared up in the Pokemon universe. We have to admit that dark Pokemon are the best because of their attack stats, moves, and overall abilities. If you play Pokemon Gen 2 and up, you really got to have one in your team.





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