5 of the Least Popular Pokemon Types With Fans

March 12, 2017
In the Pokemon world, there are so many Pokemon types to choose from. There’s the bug, psychic, fire, water, and etc. This is what makes Pokemon fights interesting; one Pokemon type is weak against another while strong against the rest. Use a Pokemon with two or three types combined into one, and you’ll get an interesting fighter that’s resistant to a lot of other types. It’s pretty much like playing a game of rock-paper-scissors but with many other weapons.
Of course, there are types that aren’t exactly popular with the players. Here are some of the worst rated Pokemon types according to the players of different games.
bug pokemon


 Although we’ve seen a lot of cool bug Pokemon over the many generations of Pokemon, most of the strongest ones are actually mixed with other types. Sometimes the mix would make it weaker but other times, would make it stronger. One of the strongest bug types is Scizor which is a bug and steel type. Because of the mix, Scizor becomes stronger and also has cool steel attacks. Same with Heracross which become a fighting bug type. The mix is pretty cool because it makes Heracross resistant to Psychic.

Most bug type Pokemon are mixed with Poison type which makes them weak against Psychic and Ground. Pokemon like Spinarak or Weedle are weak against four types, namely Fire, Ice, Ground, and Psychic. Furthermore, bug attacks aren’t really that interesting (we got to admit that).



Normal types Pokemon ever since Gen 1 are just exactly what they are– normal. They aren’t that cool ever since the first generation because they aren’t strong against anything. They might actually be resistant to ghost moves (lick and other ghost moves have no effect on normal Pokemon). Normal Pokemon has a weakness to fighting moves, and the normal moves have very little effect on steel and rock Pokemon. The cool thing about Normal Pokemon, though, is that they have really interesting attacks. Almost all attacks in the Pokemon universe are from the Normal type of Pokemon, and they’re all interesting to use.


The Poison type Pokemon are never the popular type because their moves are pretty boring. They become a little bit cool in the next few generations, but that doesn’t elevate their popularity status. They’re only good against grass, but grass Pokemon usually are a mixed type. Plus, Poison Pokemon are also weak against Ground, Psychic, and Rock moves which make them the weakest–sort of.


Grass Pokemon are also not very popular because of the many weaknesses that this type has. They’re weak against Poison, Fire, Ice, Flying, and Bug types. They’re strong against Ground, Rock, and Water types, though. However, Grass Pokemon are resistant to Bugs, Dragons, Fire, Flying, Ice, and other fellow Grass Pokemon.


This is a new type of Pokemon, but it’s also, kind of, a ridiculous type (oh come on, Fairy?). Fairy Pokemon are pretty much good against Dragon types. They are also good against Dark types, and that simply doesn’t make sense (but hey, Pokemon logic). Okay, I’ll admit that Fairy types are quite powerful (overpowered actually), but the type is pretty lame.

The High Rating Types


Some of the most powerful Pokemon are the Psychic type such as Mew, Mewtwo, Celebi, or Deoxys. Psychic moves are not only powerful, but they are accurate as well. One “Psychic” move can possibly cause half of the opponent’s HP to be drained. If the opponent is Poison or Fighting, the damage doubles which is a one hit KO. Psychic attacks can also hit one KO through critical hits.



Thunder moves are extremely strong, especially to types like Water and Flying types. The only downside that Thunder has is that it is weak against Ground Pokemon. In fact, Thunder moves can’t hit Ground Pokemon at all! However, Thunder Pokemon are extremely strong,  so the right strategy and type knowledge can also fend off Ground Pokemon.


Dragons are noted to be very strong because almost every type won’t affect them. Thunder, Water, Grass, Fire, and Ground moves don’t have much effect against Dragons. The only type that can defeat Dragon is the Ice type. However, Dragons can also learn almost any move, so if a Dragon learns a Fire or Thunder move, the Ice wielder won’t really stand a chance.


Next is the Water type Pokemon which are great against Fire, Rock, Steel, and Ground types. Water Pokemon are also quite awesome because they can learn Ice moves. Remember, Ice moves can defeat Dragon, Grass, and Flying.


Last on the list is the Ghost type. In Gen 1, the ghost types are strong and are excellent for the Psychic types. However, the three ghosts are all half poison so only the Psychic types could KO them. They have the ghost move Lick, but Lick is too weak to go against the Psychic types. However, in Gen 2, Misdreavus defied that norm and became the first pure Ghost type with a strong Ghost attack known as Shadow Ball (among other interesting Ghost moves like Pain Split and Mean Look). From there, Ghosts just became stronger and stronger.

These are some of the worst and top-rated Pokemon Types according to player ratings. Pokemon types are really interesting to play around with because there are ways to mix and match moves of different types to become a strong type. Know the types and their weaknesses and strengths, and you can be a Pokemon Master!


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