Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Will Be Remembered As The Most Iconic Superhero Of A Generation

February 25, 2017

Hugh Jackman (or Huge Jacked Man to biggest fans) has spent a long time as the iconic Wolverine, 18 years to be precise. The original X-men film, directed by Bryan Singer, was released way back in 2000. Maybe some 18 year old kid will cosplay as Wolverine and smoke cigar after his high school graduation. Not that we’re condoning this, but I did smoke a cigar at my graduation, many do. I just didn’t think to dress up as Wolverine at the same time.

Despite being too tall and too handsome for the role Hugh Jackman left us with a quite a few wonderful memories. From what we’ve read it sounds Logan will bring about a few beautiful ones as well. The on screen chemistry between Jackman and Dafne Keen (X-23) is reportedly very good. And the reviews for Logan so far have been excellent. With 76 reviews in on Rotten Tomatoes the film has 96%.


Another iconic actor by the name of Patrick Stewart could just easily as be greatest superhero actor of the past two decades. His role as Professor X is unmatched in the genre. Not to mention his ability to portray a bald character who wasn’t a a bad guy for once. That is  something that those of us with a receding hairline can hold up as their Herald. Galactus would be so proud of the choice.

Although the X-men series from FOX has had its challenges, major changes in cast, and numerous problems with confusing plotlines… Wolverine and Professor X have been with us through it all. They have largely kept the franchise afloat, while others seemed to want its downfall. Their success is complimented and appreciated for bringing about the superhero renaissance we see today. Without Stewart and Jackman starting it all in 2000 we might never have seen Iron Man (2008) and the ensuing explosion in popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In every respect Hugh is a perfect Wolverine in all his violent, grimacing, cigar-chewing glory. If Downey made the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then Jackman made superheroes mainstream in the first place.

“I love that character. I can’t say I’ll miss him because he’s not going anywhere. He’ll always be with me.” – Hugh Jackman

Is Jackman one of the greatest actors of all-time? No, of course not. But he’s ton an amazing job of playing an iconic character and keeping Wolverine as true to the comics as one can. Aside from being too tall for the role, he’s done everything perfectly, and you can’t exactly change your height unless you try what Ethan Hawk’s character did in the movie Gattaca.

As much as we would love a crossover with Wolverine and Deadpool, that just seems unlikely right now. Jackman has said many times that he’s ready to retire from the role as Wolverine, a role he’s worked so hard for. Namely staying in great shape. If you observe his transformation from X-Men to Logan it’s clear he’s actually in better shape now at 48 than he was at 30.

More likely is that FOX finds a new actor to play the character in his stead. Will we see the two duke it out as the new actor’s entry into FOX’s Superhero Universe? Will we see a reboot of the X-Men? We’re hopeful but the future of the X-Men over as FOX seems murky at best. The casting choices of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, and Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse were all just awful. We do have high hopes for Michael Fassbender as Magneto, James McAvoy as Professor X, and Nicholas Hoult as Beast to continue on with their phenomenal acting. Hopefully they lead the reboot with another inspiring actor to play Wolverine. But inevitably any new actor likely won’t be able to hold a candle to the THE Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman was simply the best actor to be cast for the role and it will be missed in the X-Men universe if this truly is his final role. Jackman has said Logan is a ‘love letter to fans” for the Wolverine to out his stamp on it like that…

Jackman said, “This is really a love letter to the Wolverine fans. But beyond that, I wanted to make a movie that people who have never watched a comic book movie in their lives would see and get something out of.” [HT: HR]

Well, it will be exciting to finally see the film next weekend. Could Jackman comeback one more time? Patrick Stewart has said goodbye to his role on the X-Men multiple times, only to come back again for a good story. Maybe if someone can write another script that’s far better than say, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, then we might just see the return of Ol’ Canucklehead.

Jackman commissioned this touching tribute to X-Men universe for Bryan Singer.

Could he be hoping to see a return of Singer? Probably not, but we can hold out some hope. However it goes down, it certainly sounds like Logan will be a wonderful swan song for this most beloved character.

Logan will be released March 3rd, 2017.

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