This poor Mon Calamari couldn’t find his monitor in Return of the Jedi

January 9, 2017

“Hmmm yes… everything is normal here.”

In this guy’s defense, it must be tough to find stuff right in front of your face when your eyes are on the sides of your head. You have to wonder how Admiral Ackbar would respond to this if he saw what happened.

This little clips really shows the genius of Lucas way back in 1983. He had all the Star Wars lore figured out early on (aside from Luke and Leia being siblings of course).

This simple shot establishes everything you need to know about the Mom Calamari and why they’re at home in the control room. Their fish eyes are on the sides of their head, and in Return of the Jedi they stay in the command ship the entire time. But they can observe the entire battle. This is much more conducive to large scale battle planning than dogfighting, where the fighter would need to see directly in front of them.

And of course, we see them in command again in Rogue One.







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