‘Pokemon Go’ Ready for an Update Any Day Now

January 10, 2017

Ready for an update for your Pokemon Go?  Well there should be another one by the end of the week.  Niantic has been updating about every two weeks, so we’re due for another one.  Typically, the twitter account for the app lets us know as soon as an update is available.  What can be expected in the Update?

Likely, we won’t see anything major, like additional Pokemon or gameplay changes.  Typically, updates have made minor changes to text or design in the game as well as address some bugs and glitches. But we will probably see some glitches fixed.  Glitches like:

  • The app closing as soon as it is opened
  • The app freezing during a gym battle, kicking them out of it.
  • Other annoying glitches that need to be fixed
  • PokeStop refresh timing needs to be changed again
  • Update may summon Legendary New Year Event

Good fixes to be sure, and they should be addressed, but they aren’t as exciting as adding more G2 Pokemon to the game, or giving players more special bonuses.  The holidays were good, increasing lure duration and a few other benefits that have recently expired.

Plenty of players wonder when, or if, the game will ever include live battle events with other players.  While this type of fighting is at the moment reserved for people who own the DS games, most fans feel that combat is a natural fit for the “Pokemon in the real world” concept.

For now, fans can try to hatch some of the new Pokemon that we got and adjust to the newest nest migrations Niantic has given us. Who knows, maybe we’ll be surprised with a bonus-filled update this time?

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