Here’s how Pokemon Go saved a life from certain death

January 10, 2017

A kitten’s life, that is. Because did you expect anything less in this age where cats have taken over the internet? Anyway, this is a story of a kitten named “Spock,” which escaped death thanks to a Pokemon Go player. Imgur user joelalmeidaptg was hunting for Pokemon last summer when they heard a kitten begging for help behind an electrical post. The kitten looked weak and it was very fortunate that its cry for help was heard.

At first, joelalmeidaptg was confused how the kitten got itself stuck – it was only hanging by its head. “We have no idea how the hell did it get in that situation,” they said. Of course, there was no time to think things through, not with the kitten’s life on the line. joelalmeidaptg immediately summoned their parents. And after resolving not to let the poor kitten die, they called the fire department to handle the situation. “The true heroes,” joelalmeidaptg said of the firemen.


When the firemen arrived at the scene, they thought the kitten had already died – it was no longer making a noise. But after a bit of poking, the kitten showed that it was indeed still alive. The firemen first tried using oil to loosen the kitten, but to no avail. The kitten was stuck so bad that it screamed in pain when the firemen tried to pry its head from the electrical post’s grasp. They used a broom, in case you’re curious.

Next, the firemen used some of their “tools,” according to joelalmeidaptg, to tilt the electrical post. The police were called in for the procedure – their approval was needed. But they were very careful as it could cause an explosion. It’s an electrical post, after all. To ensure that the operation would go smoothly without interference from onlookers, a perimeter was set. “CSI [shit] right here,” described joelalmeidaptg.

However, freeing the kitten from its nightmare proved to be very difficult, even for professionals. The firemen even resorted to banging the door of the electrical post, with zero results. Out of concern, one of the firemen gave the kitten some water to help it combat the hot weather – it was 43 degrees Celsius outside, according to joelalmeidaptg.

To help with the situation, the authorities called the company handling the country’s electrical system, and a representative arrived from a nearby city 30 minutes away. The first thing they did was open the electrical post to see if they could do something from the inside. But like the previous methods they had employed, it did little to help the case of the poor kitten. Removing the numerous cables screwed inside the electrical post was a no-go.

Then came an idea from one of the authorities: tilt both sides of the electrical post (they only tried tilting the top side prior to that). It proved to be a success, finally releasing the kitten. Which immediately tried to escape. Ungrateful little thing. In fact, it was “always wanting to escape us,” said joelalmeidaptg after they finally took the kitten home. It was very unfriendly toward them. Well, you couldn’t really blame it if it was in a nasty mood, not after what it went through.

Four months later and the kitten has bloomed into a full-fledged cat. “He is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen,” said joelalmeidaptg of Spock. Although their dad still kept calling it “ugly” due to the way it looked on the day it was rescued. He was also the one who named it because of its large ears.

This story of Spock is one of the heart-warming stories with Pokemon Go involved. A number of incidents were attached to the game during its first few months. Like the two people who plunged off a cliff and the little girl who got hit by a car. And who can forget the infamous Central Park stampede?


Source: Imgur via Kotaku

Images: joelalmeidaptg

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