The Bat Family Gets Together On The Red Carpet

January 9, 2017

It appears the whole Bat family went to the New York Comic Con in October of last year.

Batdad had this to say:

The cowl is a from HernandezEFX. The cape is from AlterEgoHeroes and the suit is from UD Replicas. After I got the suit I found it to be nice but the accessories to be total crap. So the gauntlets,belt and boot covers were 3D modeled from scratch using reference pictures from the game and then 3D printed by me for a more authentic look. I’m pretty happy with the results, but am currently working to remake the chest plate and abs. [Reddit]

But who is Batdad’s wife? Could it be Catwoman or possibly Talia Al Ghul? Here’s what he said:

She was originally going to be the temptress but her bodysuit didn’t come in on time, so she packed last minute and thought she brought her cat woman costume… she ended up forgetting everything except the bodysuit. So she was missing the cat cowl, belt and whip. She decided to just wear the body suit since the kids convinced her people would think she was Talia. So I’m the end she really didn’t go as anything except girl in the black jumpsuit. But she looked good anyhow. 😉

So how awesome is this cosplay? Would you put the time in to do such an awesome thing?

H/T: Reddit

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