First Female Superhero Film with a Budget of $100 Million — Wonder Woman

May 26, 2016

Superheroes have dominated the big screen for years. Behind them are years of planning and production, as well as giant budgets and even larger revenues. Superhero films have been dominated by males, but this time, the road is taking another direction.

Gal Godot stars in the new Wonder Woman film. Principal photography has just been accomplished by Warner Brothers. Patty Jenkins, an award-winning filmmaker, directed the film. It was obvious that in the line of DC films, Wonder Woman was next. Also, in the line-up are Superman and Batman V Superman. Due to the casting, there were a lot of hurdles both in pre-production and production. It was a challenge for the filmmakers to satisfy the likes of female moviegoers due to feminism predominant in America, especially since the film is more likely to be controlled by the male genre. This shift to appease female audiences contributed to the assignment of Jenkins to direct the film.


The history of Hollywood has a lot to do with the changes and the remarkability of the upcoming Wonder Woman film. Females still have a less dominant role in the film industry when it comes to the crew, cast, writers, and directors. This is why Jenkins plays a pivotal role in this huge change in Hollywood films regarding females in the Hollywood film industry.

In a recent interview, Melissa Silverstein, the artistic director of the Athena Film Festival, said that the film plays a huge role in the change that is coming where females are considered second-class players when it comes to film production in Hollywood.

Fans have been begging for years to have a heroine in a superhero film. Wonder Woman presents an opportunity for the forwarding of women, both in the male-predominant genre of superheroes, as well as behind the scenes in the Hollywood production process.


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