A Tribe Called Quest will score Marvel’s “Luke Cage”

April 24, 2016


Marvel’s new Netflix series Luke Cage is scheduled to premier on September 30, and recent news has revealed that Adrian Younge and A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad will collaborate and score the music for the upcoming series. The showrunner and producer of the series, Cheo Hodari Coker, is the one who broke the news in a recent interview for Entertainment Weekly. Known for some of his work on shows like Southland, Ray Donovan or NCIS: Los Angeles, Coker confirmed that Younge and Muhammad are behind the scoring for the series. When speaking about the show, he made a bold comparison to HBO’s classic The Wire, viewed as one of the best television series’ ever made.


Younge and Muhammad have collaborated to produce one of the tracks on Kendrick Lamar’s untitled “unmastered” album, “untitled 06 | 06.30.2014”. They later revealed that the track was intended to be featured on their upcoming album, expected to drop sometime later this year, entitled The Midnight Hour. A version of Cee Lo Green’s of that same track will appear on their album, after Cee Lo is featured initially on Kendrick’s song with a verse of his own. In an interview for Billboard last month, Younge and Muhammad revealed for the first time they’re doing the scoring of an upcoming big TV series, working with a full orchestra. This was just recently confirmed, when Coker made the announcement of the two producers being behind the music for his new Marvel series, Luke Cage.

Adrian Younge has some experience doing scores for Hollywood, after he worked to produce the soundtrack of Black Dynamite back in 2009. It’s Muhammad’s debut in this industry, after releasing five studio albums as part of A Tribe Called Quest, one album with the Lucy Pearl R&B group and one solo album, released in 2004, Shaheedullah and Stereotypes.

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